If you feel that you have a place in your home for one of these wonderful animals, we
would like to talk with you.  

Our requirements for a potential adopter are as follows:
Time to devote to a highly intelligent dog
Fenced Yard
The financial resources to take care of an expensive animal.  Grooming can
be as high as $60.00 - $75.00 each visit
A home visit is required
A contract is signed
Adoption fees vary with each dog. The amount is whatever the vet bill and
grooming has cost the Standard Poodle Rescue
Requirements and What to Expect
Dogs ready for adoption have been:
Temperament tested
Spayed/Neutered (if age appropriate)
Up to date on shots
Heartworm checked
Intestinal parasite checked
Freshly groomed
Obedience training started
Ready Now for Adoption:
Standard Poodle Rescue
A rescue in need of vet care
and grooming.

This is a very sad case of horrible neglect! She is a small black female Standard Poodle who, because her eyes were never treated for dry eye, is blind. It does not stop her. She navigates her way around very well. She would do best in quiet home, on a single level with a fenced in yard, without a pool. She is spayed, has just had her teeth cleaned and is up to date on her shots. She loves attention and will sit in front of you and just wag her tail. She is about 21” at the shoulder and weighs about 30-35 lbs. She is 9 years old.